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Clean Hypnosis Stage Show

Clean Hypnosis Stage Show

I put on a clean Hypnosis stage show that is appropriate for all age groups.  A clean Hypnosis stage show is good wholesome fun perfect for auditorium presentation to students and teachers, after prom stage show, entertainment at employee picnics, benefits, banquets, or a holiday party stage show. Rest assured no one is ever really embarrassed or shamed in a stage show at least no more than singing Karaoke at a reception. If you as a volunteer felt too uncomfortable you would just not do the skit or come out of Hypnosis. The hypnosis stage show is a challenge for me sometimes because I am laughing right along with the audience. The subjects or guests on stage truly are the stars of the clean Hypnosis stage show and are having fun too. I know it will amaze you because I am standing there in awe and often amazed at what will happen next.


          Dear Mike,

Deland Weldon 2012 Post Prom committee and students were extremely happy with Mike Hopkins Hypnotist performance. Over 80 percent of the volunteers selected were hypnotized.  The audience was in tears with laughter.  Kids would love to have him back. Chaperones thought it was good clean humor.  Well worth the money spent.

Thanks again,

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to take a minute to email you and tell you how much we enjoyed your show at our post prom last month! You were great to work with and I know the students loved watching their classmates be the stars of the show!  You were right on time and I feel we definitely got our money's worth! I will definitely pass on your name and booking information to the next class! 

I know you recorded the show and there was a problem with the sound but I wondered if we could have a copy of it to maybe put in our school library to be checked out so those IN the show could SEE the show. I also  have a parent that is interested in purchasing a dvd. Can you give me any information to pass on to her or would it be ok if I gave her your email address or phone number so she could contact you herself? 

Thanks again for your willingness to be up all strange hours of the night to entertain and help us provide a safe and fun post prom party for our students! 

Shelli Reynolds
Mediapolis IA High School post prom committee parent... 


I would be glad to work with your group or event even on short notice. I will do my best at giving you a fun and enjoyable stage show and informative too. I will take a couple minutes to explain Hypnosis so that it is a learning experience for everyone. Then I will answer some of the frequently asked questions so that I can dispel the myth that your mind will be under my control and you won't do anything against your will or tell any secrets. Mostly anyway, mystisism is still the magic that makes it so fun.

Michael Hopkins, CH, CCMH
Dubuque, IA

Here is a testimonial letter from a client I have been providing Hypnotic Coaching.

May 9, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

                I am a retired Methodist pastor who embraces major writing projects. One of the major issues writers face is that as inspiration moves into perspiration there is a wall that is confronted. The wall is similarly confronted by others doing creative work in various fields of the arts. The wall is composed of all our feelings of inadequacy, lack of inspiration, and growth expressed in our lack of vision and faith in a project. This wall is similar to those who confront the academic wall and joined the ranks of those who started working toward getting a degree and fell along the roadside. We see parallels with those who are facing struggles in their personal lives, careers, and host of other achievements that take inner fortitude, commitment and grit to fulfill one’s dreams. As an accomplished pastor who climbed the academic ladder to get his doctorate, and has been self-publishing for the last 21 years I have faced that wall repeatedly.

                Mike Hopkins is a personal friend, and in the last few months has become a mentor. Having done my Doctoral project in the area of prayer, and spending the rest of my life dealing with healing, and the emotional and spiritual care of others, I have seen the impact that the proverbial wall has had on peoples’ lives. In my conversations with Mike we have thrashed out the parallels between meditation, prayer and the development of Hypnosis. There was a time in the development of what is known today as Hypnosis that Hypnosis was known as Suggestion Therapy. I like that better because it kind of demythologizes the practice without taking a way the power of the methodology he practices.

                The process is really rather simple. First Mike listens to our dreams and aspirations uncovering not only the deeper goals that lay at the heart of bringing change, and accomplishment, but also the walls that stand in our way. He realizes that most things are achievable if we simply get out of our own way. Then he invites us to relax, move into a very relaxed state- in the jargon of his profession- be hypnotized and suggests taking down the self-imposed walls we all face. Then in his very soothing voice he encourages us to fulfill our dreams and aspirations by bringing the desired changes in our lives and motivating us to move forward. In doing this, Mike or hypnotists, are guiding us to release the power of the subconscious mind in accomplishing our dreams.

                In a conversation within which we discussed the parallels between Hypnosis and meditation Mike pointed out that, “Hypnosis is a form of meditation with a mission, and that mission is to assist you in the fulfillment of your dreams.” I like that. As one who meditates, I realize the power of image and vision in our lives. As I complete the Prayer-adigm program, the question you might ask is, has working with Mike reduced the level of stress and made overcoming the mountains and walls a little more do able?  The short answer is, yes. As I sit here at 6:30 A.M. writing and working on this project, I would estimate that there has been a 30-40% reduction in height of the walls I am facing with a 40-60% increase in my inspiration, which means a major reduction in the amount of perspiration. I feel that these results are directly related to Mike’s Suggestion Therapy or Hypnotic Coaching that he has provided. Now I have a lot more fun writing and that is what I love to do.

                Thank you Mike for all your help and believing in me along the way.

Rev. Dr. Karl Goodfellow




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