Mending the Mind is Integral to Healing the Body 

Q. Can the Hypnotist make me do something against my will?

No. Nothing can be done to you under hypnosis that goes contrary to your values, beliefs, or morals. Hypnosis has been portrayed in the movies and on the stage as being under the hypnotist mind control. The hypnotist is guiding your subconscious in the direction you have chosen for change in your own personal behavior. On stage the hypnotist is involving you in skits you have knowingly volunteered to be a part of.

Q. Who can be hypnotized?

Most anyone that wants to be hypnotized and has average intelligence can be hypnotized. This includes children age seven and older. I don't work with anyone with a diagnosed mental disorder and or taking medication for depression or a personality disorder. I refer them to a local psychologist or psychiatrist.

Q. Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?

Not usually for more than a couple of weeks. No seriously no one has ever gotten stuck in Hypnosis. You can come out of Hypnosis at any time. If you were left alone for very long you would come out of Hypnosis all on your own or drift off into sleep and wake up after a nice nap.

Q. Will I tell any secrets?

Not unless you want to. You won't be asked to give up any personal information such as passwords or pin numbers.

Q. Will I be asleep or unconscious?

No. You will be fully aware and hear everything that is said. Usually I use a relaxation method of inducing the trance state occasionally I might use an instant induction but either way once you are in trance I talk to your subconscious as though you were fully alert. A good way to understand it is instead of me talking to the front of your mind I am talking to the back of your mind and you won't know the difference. Often many clients say they weren't hypnotized because they heard everything I said. You are suppose to hear everything I say. If you don't you're asleep.

Q. How many sessions will it take?

That depends on what you are trying to change. Some problems are rather simple to solve with one or two sessions. Other problems are more complex and require more sessions to bring about the appropriate change expected. This will be worked out and agreed upon before therapy starts. I offer reduced rates based on the number of session that are needed.

Q. What happens if it doesn't work or you don't think your hypnotized?

First all most everyone says that they weren't hypnotized so just expect that to be the way it will be until you are convinced. To me it was like an epiphany going off in my head. Then I knew and there was no question that I was hypnotized. The Hypnotist is there to guide you along. It is up to your mind to do the work, make the change or let go of what is holding you back, but without real motivation, determination, desire, change may take awhile. You have to want it to happen, like planting a seed and expecting it to grow, then watching it sprout. For some reason if Hypnosis doesn't work then I will make it right with you even if that means refunding your money.
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