Mending the Mind is Integral to Healing the Body 
Mayo Brothers Secret
There was a Dr. Henry Munro from Omaha, NE that had traveled through Rochester, MN in the early 1900's and had met with the Mayo Brothers. He talked to Dr. Mayo about a process of using suggestive therapy along with a considerably reduced amount of anesthesia. This gave the patient very good anesthesia with very little risk of complication. Dr. Munro careful described this technique in the fourth addition of his book Suggestive Therapeutics. When the Mayo Brothers started using this process they knew that if it didn't work they could increase the anesthetic. Alice Magaw, Dr. W. J. Mayo anesthetist at Rochester, has an unbroken record of over fourteen thousand surgical anesthesia’s without a single death directly related to the anesthetic. “The use of suggestion is a great aid in producing a comfortable narcosis” was reported by Alice Magaw in the Journal of Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics in December of 1906.

Conscious wakefulness state of mind:

This is one’s normal alert, awake state of mind where thought happens, decisions are made, opinions are formed, conversations occur, living, learning, loving and life takes place. So if this is consciousness then communication is the means by which we express ourselves (our conscious self) in our daily lives. This causes me to wonder how would one communicate with the subconscious mind. The answer is: Suggestion or Suggestive Therapy.
This is what Alice Magaw used on her patients, suggestion therapy. She used it to reassure her patients that everything was going to be ok. This would diminish their fears and lesson their anxiety 
and that in a moment their eyes were going to get very heavy and allow them to relax and go into a deep narcosis. These simple inconspicuous reassureing comments were absorbed by the unconscious mind and were very powerful, enabling and emboldening to the mind. This same technique can be used to diminish the stress and anxiety from the fear of dying from cancer, heart disease, liver disease, etc. and because of that one act alone can add days, months and even years to your life expectancy. Then suggestive therapy can reduce the nausea and the pain associated with these diseases without taking so many drugs. Amazing but it is true and there are many studies to support this thesis.   

What is Suggestion or Suggestive Therapy?

Suggestion Therapy is the process or act of bypassing an individual’s critical faculties (thinking, judgments, opinions, prejudices, and beliefs), of one’s conscious mind, and communicating with the subconscious mind. So, Suggestion Therapy is communicating with the subconscious. Psychologists and Phsyciatrist have used it for years with great success. Suggestion Therapy is also known as the trance state. While in this trance state, the mind is very alert and focused on what the practitioner is saying and tends to ignore what is going on around it. The subconscious mind (not having to think) is very open to suggestion and takes the suggestions literally. This is how the therapist brings about positive beneficial change in the client. Suggestion Therapy and Suggestive Therapy are known today as Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy. Hypnotist have used Hypnosis and the power of suggestion in stage shows at prom parties and other entertainment occasions for years. It can be good clean fun. Hypnotherapy can also change your life for your betterment.

If you doubt the proof under evidence above maybe seeing is believing.

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